Gluten Free Menu

These items do not include gluten but are prepared in a kitchen that is not gluten-free. Be sure to tell your server you are ordering off our gluten-free menu. Please see full menu for detailed descriptions of each menu item!


* denotes that Home Fries are prepared in a fryer that may be cross contaminated


All pancakes are made with gluten-free batter and served in stacks of three

9.99Blueberry Pancakes

9.99Banana Pancakes

9.99Pecan Pancakes

9.99Bacon Pancakes

8.10Old Fashioned Pancakes

9.99Strawberry Pancakes

8.10Silver Dollar Pancakes

9.99Chocolate Chip Pancakes

10.99Pancake Sandwich

9.99M&M Pancakes

9.99Pigs in a Blanket

9.99Elvis Pancakes

9.99Cinnamon Bun Pancakes


Omelettes served with a side of gluten free pancakes (add .99), home fries*, or bowl of fresh fruit (add 1.99).
Egg Whites available for .99


8.99Fiery Santa Fe

9.45Ham & Cheese


9.45Bacon & Cheese


9.45Sausage & Cheese


14.99Genuine Seafood Omelette

9.99Chicken Fajita

13.99Meat Lover’s Omelette


9.45Feta, Spinach, & Tomato

9.99Bacon Cheeseburger

9.99Smoky Jack


All egg combinations are served with two eggs, home fries*, or fruit (add 1.99), and a side of gluten-free pancakes.
Add a topping for .99

7.98Two Eggs

15.78Steak & Eggs

9.98Ham & Eggs

20.98The King of Breakfast

Three eggs and choose three: ham, bacon, or sausage. Comes with two sides: gluten-free pancakes (add .99 each) or fresh fruit (add 1.99)

9.98Bacon & Eggs

13.98The Jester’s Breakfast

Three eggs and choose two: ham, bacon, or sausage

9.98Sausage & Eggs

Belgian Waffles

All waffles are made with gluten-free batter

9.10Golden Waffle

9.99Strawberry Waffle

9.99Pecan Waffle

9.99Smokehouse Bacon Waffle

9.99Blueberry Waffle

Healthy Kicks

9.99Pesto Egg White Omelette

Served with a side of gluten free pancakes (add .99), home fries*, or fresh fruit (add 1.99)

7.99Purple Power Bowl - Request no granola

6.99Fresh Fruit & Greek Yogurt (no granola)

12.86Fit Egg Combo

Request with a side of gluten-free pancakes

9.99Pure Fuel Omelette

Served with a side of gluten free pancakes (add .99), home fries*, or fresh fruit (add 1.99)



4.49Fresh Fruit Bowl


2.25Greek Yogurt Cup


1.99Home Fries*

Kid’s Menu

Includes a kid sized drink!

GF denotes Gluten Free

5.84Two Small GF Pancakes

6.74Two Small GF Pancakes with one egg and bacon or sausage

6.24Two Small GF Pancakes with bacon or sausage

5.25Fresh Fruit & Greek Yogurt Cup

Consuming raw or undercooked animal foods may increase your risk of contracting a food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.